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Personally I haven’t played World of Warcraft in quite some time. These observations are by a good friend who has recently played it.

Looking from the sidelines it’s weird to see changes like these to the Warlock class. I played a Warlock for about 5 years from the very start.

As a general rule removing abilities from classes is a terrible idea it’s also very hard to explain lore wise. Best guess is every warlock hit their head and instantly forgot how to do curses. On top of that my friend points out he no longer needs to actually damage enemies. His wrathguard kills everything before he has a chance to kill anything.

If button pushing is you only mechanic not giving your players buttons to push is a questionable move to say the least.

You’ll notice this is marked as part one, so I’d like to thank Blizzard for giving me several updates worth of content. Which I’ll be posting in one go for the coming days.

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