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Disclaimer: I am not religious, I do not believe in the existence of a god. What other people choose to believe is up to them.

That being said, I do like poking fun of anything that crosses my path. In this case it’s that women often refer to god as being a woman. And honestly, given his/her flippant behavior that’s not a far fetch.

Alright, let me get my asbestos suit so I can safely remove the comments that I dub too offensive. I am not against healthy discussion though.

One Response to “Rational Explanations”

  1. Wolfgang

    If going for a biblical God then I don’t think it actually works. Considering how often God is referred to as male, Adam being made in his image, the general male centric culture that the Jews had (being God’s people) and a few other points. You might however be able to get away with an androgynous God that blurs the line between male and female however.

    Of course that’s just going by a biblical interpretation, you go outside of that and then anything goes.


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