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About a year ago I bought the Ogre Designer’s Edition. It was standing at the store begging to be bought. It’s a massively huge box containing everything you need for wargaming.


The obvious drawback with a box this big is taking it with you. Though I did split off the 2 player game into a separate box it was still quite sizable to take along.

Luckily SJ Game released the Ogre Pocket edition which is priced at 3 bucks. At that kind of money you can’t not take it with you.

But then I started getting creative. There’s a lot of stuff out there you can easily print out and add, not to mention that the map is not super practical so copied it and pasted that onto cardboard. I already had to replace the bag it game with to make room for this but thus far it still fits into a pocket.

At the rate I’m adding things, I’m going to end up with something larger than the designer’s edition.

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