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Playing League of Legends is both horrifying and fascinating at the same time. Players seem to assume the game is played in some kind of void where the enemy team doesn’t actually do anything. Which means that anything that goes wrong can be blamed on teammates.

It’s rather surprising that I keep playing this game, but it seems that the mechanics supersede the completely toxic community. As a friend once suggested it would probably help if these games could be split either by age or by ‘intent’ of playing. Personally I play games casually, which means I don’t mind losing a match as long as it was good fun. No walkovers on either side.

Sadly a large portion of the players seem to only care about winning with any means necessary and being nice to players isn’t required. Which is a shame honestly.

Of course I grew up multiplaying games at lanparties where you could actually talk to the people you were playing against. Which created a sense of team and respect for each other.

For now I’ll amuse myself with playing this game occasionally.

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