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According to the creators of The Expendables 3, the leaking of their movie on the internet has cost them 250 million euros. And they’re going to take measures. One can only wonder what sort of Hollywood Math goes on over there.

The problem is that the math doesn’t hold up any way you look at it. At ten million supposed downloaders (that number is already hard to pinpoint) that would mean 25 euros per person watching the movie. I only pay 10 euros to watch a movie in my local cinema (which is high enough to only go for the really good stuff). So that means a cinema loses 15 euros per person watching the movie? How do cinemas even operate then?

Of course this also assumes that all 10 million that downloaded the movie would have gone to see it in the cinemas instead. I might have had, but budgets were tight this year and Guardians of the Galaxy was also on the horizon. Which I did see in the cinema.

One of the major issues with a lot of these companies is that they don’t want ‘some’ of the money. They want ALL of the money.

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