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I realize this comic doesn’t really have a punchline, but that’s okay.

In case you missed E3 there was some speculation on whether or not the new Zelda game had a female protagonist.

It has now been confirmed that this is not the case. And it was just Link looking as androgynous as ever.

Apparently the creator meant it as a joke, as apparently a female lead in a Zelda game is a joke. The quote that gets me the most is this one:

“I don’t want people to get hung up on the way Link looks because ultimately Link represents the player in the game,”

If Link is to be a blank slate for the player to fill, what does it matter if he’s male of female, and how hard would a character select be for players to choose from.

Despite the male protagonist saving the same princess over and over again, the Zelda games are crazy popular among women. So having the option to play as a woman would only make it more popular.

Getting back to the comic, this was an idea I had a while ago. Let’s face it most adventure games have in broad lines the same story. It shouldn’t be that hard to give players a choice of what their character looks like and who their love interest is. More often than not the personalities are interchangeable anyway.

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