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This is quite possibly the most flamebait comic I’ve ever written. Mostly because the people behind gamergate are coocoo for coconuts.

Their claim for more journalistic integrity in gaming is cute, but also impossible. People who write about gaming are themselves gamers, this makes it impossible for them to be objective in any way or form. Companies abusing their power to strongarm reviewers into favorable reviews is nothing new.

I recall a magazine I used to read when I was young that at some point didn’t feature one of the most anticipated games of the moment that month. The reason as they clearly stated was that the publisher would only send them an advance copy if they featured the game on the cover and did SIX page feature on the game. Six pages in a paper magazine is massive. Apparently other magazines did comply and thus got the ‘scoop’.

The thing is, in those days we didn’t have youtube or twitch to let us ‘see’ the actual game itself. We had to rely on either demos, shareware, and solid reviews to make a judgement call of playing the game. If you were lucky the store had a machine setup and you could give it a spin.

These days I can just look at some gameplay footage to get a sense of game and if I’d like it.

There are still good reviewers, the good ones are just very clear in their bias. Once you accept for instance that Yahtzee is not a fan of J-RPGs then you weigh how much you value his review of a particular J-RPG.

All in all the whole Gamergate debacle is just an example of people being highly unpleasant on the internet.

As a final note, this comic was based on a conversation that featured these actual words, I’m classy like that.

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