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It’s true, Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends are the best fantasy series ever written. All you Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, and Game of Thrones fanboys and fangirls can suck it.

That said, it’s obvious that anything you’re exposed to in your teens has a huge impact on your development, and thus carries a major weight in your life. Which is pretty much where all arguments on the internet come from.

This is also why some things that have a major significant cultural status don’t live up to the hype when first viewed way later in your life. Princess Bride is such a movie. I remember it fondly and still enjoy watching it. Some people apparently don’t. Those people are wrong, let’s be clear about this as well.

Ultimately different people are going to like different things. As long as we all agree on Dragonlance, that’s not a problem.

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