Creatively based on personal life experiences. Some are real, some made up based on conversations.
Mar 01, 2015Snowboarding 101
Dec 31, 2014Old Year Thoughts
Dec 15, 2014Loud Judging
Dec 02, 2014Best Ever
Nov 25, 2014Web MD
Oct 27, 2014Ogre Pocket
Oct 21, 2014Clothing Anatomy
Oct 06, 2014Client Season
Sep 19, 2014Wrong Exit
Sep 17, 2014Sword Art Online
Sep 08, 2014Hair Issues
Sep 02, 2014League of Legends
Aug 26, 2014Perceptions
Aug 25, 2014Training Aftermath
Aug 22, 2014Tomato Clooney
Aug 08, 2014A Gift
Aug 05, 2014Wheeled Warriors
Jul 19, 2014Heat Wave
Jul 10, 2014Hugging
Mar 14, 2011Borrowing comics
Jan 27, 2009Explanations
Nov 30, 2008Making demands
Oct 27, 2008Series changes
Aug 07, 2008Explosive Coding
Mar 13, 2008Home security
Dec 27, 2007Just a fleshwound
Dec 25, 2007Holiday spirit

Sgt Major Sandee

My father was a career soldier. For most of the time I knew him, he was a Sergeant Major. These are the stories he told us about his life in the military.

Fantasy Pickup Artist

He has a way with the fantasy ladies, he is the Fantasy Pickup Artist.

The Guardian

From days long ago, the guardian has returned to protect the young virgin Jenny. Modern life takes some getting used to though.
Mar 26, 2014The Guardian

Magicians Inc

It's not easy running a business in the creation of magical items and trinkets.

The News

There was something in the news today, here are my thoughts on it.
Nov 11, 2014Deep Pockets
Oct 11, 2014Zwarte Piet
Sep 20, 2014Hollywood Math


Sometimes jokes are so random they have no real home, they end up in the random category.
Oct 31, 2014Halloween
Sep 07, 2014On Self Help Books
Aug 13, 2014Airport Security
Dec 13, 2011Surprise!
Nov 03, 2011Trust Issues
May 05, 2011Mysterious Ways
Mar 11, 2011A history of art
Mar 09, 2011Try and sleep now
Mar 04, 2011Introducing
Jul 01, 2008end of the world


Sometimes I play games and then I have opinions about them.

Pop Culture

Popular Culture changes with the years and yet it seems to remain the same.

The Labrats

Sapient rats that love to experiment on everything they can get their hands on.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts in all it's glory and hilarity. Because let's be honest, pretending to fight is pretty funny.

Noir Detective

He's a detective on a mission, as soon as he knows what this mission is however.
Mar 07, 2011Noir detective


Stuff based on coding. It probably helps if you have some coding experience.
Oct 14, 2014Temporal Coding
Apr 01, 2008Coding Styles
Jan 10, 2008Network insecurity
Dec 30, 2007Leet coding
Dec 01, 2007The Naming Deamon


Dec 04, 2014Arkham Horror
Nov 21, 2014Recruitment Trap
Nov 14, 2014Declining numbers
Oct 30, 2014Modern Summoning


Nov 26, 2014Slenderbot
Nov 05, 2014AWOL Scarebot
Oct 23, 2014Evil Within
Oct 15, 2014Scarebot Isolation
Oct 07, 2014Streaming Upgrades

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