started as a place to put jokes I couldn’t fit into any of the other comics I was working on. These days however it has grown out to be something more.

This site is now the main focus for semi-random whimsy as I come up with it updated as often as I’m comfortable with. Sometime autobiographical, sometimes quite random.

Most characters displayed are either created on the spot or ‘borrowed’ from other comics I have created. There are some occasional recurring themes when there’s more fun to be had.


On occasion this comic will feature actual people I know. Either in fictional or semi-fictional situations. This is almost always done with their permission, or I’m 99% sure they’ll be okay with it. In general I will link to something they are working on or wish to promote.

This does not mean you can message me saying you want to be featured in my comic just so you can promote something. That’s not how this works. It always starts with me having a funny idea that involves them.

The only possible exception is if you want The Fantasy Pickup Artist to hit on you.

Update Schedule

Nismorack updates at a semi-random but aimed at daily schedule. This is because the comic is created in between all the other stuff I do. But to make it easier for you to catch updates I have various methods through which you can keep track up updates.